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On this page you can see the latest news of the White Marlin, located in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria.
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Jackpot - White Marlin Gran Canaria


25 January 2022 - And another Jackpot for the White Marlin today on the deep reef, we used white bait and red bait and the fish kept coming. Nice... read more »

D-r Edelso. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

D-r Edelso.

24 January 2022 - Private Charter for our friend D-r Edelso, his family and friends. And that's what I call "to hit the Jackpot", well done guys, congratulations,... read more »

More fun today. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

More fun today.

22 January 2022 - And here we go again, as promised... read more »

The price. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

The price.

21 January 2022 - Afterwards enjoying the... read more »

Some more from today. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Some more from today.

21 January 2022 - And some more from today, unfortunately we lost 3, tomorrow is another day.... read more »

First day out ina week. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

First day out ina week.

21 January 2022 - After a week stuck in the Harbour due to strong E, SE, S, SW and W winds, today White Marlin is finally out the sea. The SONAR and the SONDA are full... read more »

Back on fishing. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Back on fishing.

14 January 2022 - After 3 days in the Harbor for schedule ignition maintenance (filters, injectors etc.) today we went out again. Unfortunately is a little windy but... read more »

Boy out fishing. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Boy out fishing.

8 January 2022 - Once upon the time, a little boy went fishing, looks like he did it, right in the... read more »

Fresh squid for bait. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Fresh squid for bait.

7 January 2022 - Amberjack, Scorpion fish, Morena etc. on the menu today. We were fishing on the deep reef with fresh squid for bait, not bad, not bad at all,... read more »

Come fishing with us. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Come fishing with us.

6 January 2022 - It has been a little quiet the last couple of days on the reef, we manage some catches and some releases, but that's fishing, one day is better than... read more »

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Marlin fishing - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Marlin fishing

20 June 2022 - Another one this morning in the first hour out! Well done Bertil, very well done team White Marlin. And again we lost another one today. That's fishing, tomorrow is ... read more »

Blue Marlin - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Blue Marlin

19 June 2022 - Hourayy, the first Blue Marlin has been released on the White Marlin today, estimated 280kg. After a long period of bottom fishing trips, today we have decided to go ... read more »

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