Reviews of the White Marlin

Please leave here all your comments about the White Marlin, fishing and holidays on Gran Canaria, thanks a lot!

Good day today the guys worked really hard all day! No marlin sadly but a good haul of skipjack, thanks white marlin... read more »

brilliant great crew fantastic day out... read more »

Very well done and put together, the Team of White Marlin is the best! Sleep eat go fishin!... read more »

Good skipper fantastic fishing! - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Good skipper fantastic fishing!

We enjoyed the bites of the amberjacks and the sierra tunas. The skipper and Deckhand Jose Maria helped us VERY good. I reccomend dus boat when you wa... read more »

Tunaaaa - White Marlin Gran Canaria


20 May 2022 - Tunaaaaaaa Finally last night we have caught a really big one. The fish hit 130kg on the scale and for sure had a few more because we were not able to lift it clear o... read more »

Bottom fishing - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Bottom fishing

11 May 2022 - Quiet on the deep reef today, we went very well prepared, live bait, dead bait, squid etc. and the fish does not want to go for any of it. Well, we managed to get one... read more »

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