Fishing trip 03/03/2023

Written by Andy Lambert , from Horsham

Fishing trip 03/03/2023 White Marlin Gran Canaria

Great trip from pick up to drop of at the hotel .

Skipper and crew excellent plenty of bait and drink ,boat caught al sorts from reef fish to sting ray ,had a PB ray of 80kg plus estimated as all rays returned by the side of the boat .You had the choice of big baits for big fish down to light line fishing .Great fun would highly recommend.Skipper knows what he is doing and where the fish are crew enthusiastic about given the best trip.

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Trolling - White Marlin Gran Canaria


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Fishing News - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Fishing News

20 May 2023 - Fishing News Snappers and etc. We should be catching Marlin, Tuna, Dorado by now, but the season is slow, they are not so many and far between. Let's hope for improvement.... read more »

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