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On this page you can see the latest news of the White Marlin, located in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria.
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Bottom fishing - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Bottom fishing

11 May 2022 - Quiet on the deep reef today, we went very well prepared, live bait, dead bait, squid etc. and the fish does not want to go for any of it. Well, we... read more »

Bigeye Tuna. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Bigeye Tuna.

24 April 2022 - First Tuna for the White Marlin this year. Let's hope for many more.... read more »

Scorpions. - White Marlin Gran Canaria


10 April 2022 - The day of the Scorpion thank you Tapio, John and Karen for coming with us... read more »

The A team. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

The A team.

9 April 2022 - The A team strike hard. Barracuda day, well done boys, keep it... read more »

Amberjack - White Marlin Gran Canaria


8 April 2022 - We caught one and we lost one, unfortunately that's fishing. Better luck next time... read more »

Pink Dentons. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Pink Dentons.

6 April 2022 - Sama's day today. Excellent specimens guys, well done. Tomorrow we go again. ... read more »

Fishing again. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Fishing again.

29 March 2022 - Few days in the Harbour, White Marlin is back on the game. Amberjack, the King of bottom fishing, very strong and powerful... read more »

Jackpot - White Marlin Gran Canaria


21 March 2022 - And Jackpot! Another fantastic day on the deep reef again. Good weather, nice catches. Thank you everyone for joining us... read more »

Shared Charter. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Shared Charter.

20 March 2022 - Quiet on the deep reef today, we caught two and lost four Amberjacks. The good news is, today we saw a Bluefin Tuna feeding free and jumping at 52... read more »

Shared Charter. - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Shared Charter.

18 March 2022 - And that's how it's done! Perfect day on the deep reef. Amberjacks and Sierras.‍️ Tomorrow we go Trolling, wish us... read more »

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Trolling - White Marlin Gran Canaria


27 June 2023 - Something from the Trolling, not much but not bad... read more »

Fishing News - White Marlin Gran Canaria

Fishing News

20 May 2023 - Fishing News Snappers and etc. We should be catching Marlin, Tuna, Dorado by now, but the season is slow, they are not so many and far between. Let's hope for improvement.... read more »

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