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Photos of the sport fishing trips on Gran Canaria

Photos of the spectacular and special moments on board.
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Enero 2013

42 Photos

Red Snapper Morey Red Snapper Amberjack
Red Snapper Amberjack, Red Smappers and Blacktail combers Snapers & Blacktail combers Amberjack
Yelowjack Stingray Happy Blacktail comber
windy Yelow Jack Stingray Morey
Morey Stingray Stingray Tope Shark & Snappers
Blacktail comber Stingray Scorpion Fish Yelow Jack
Morey Atlantic Bonito Tuna Red Snapper Morey
Red Snapper Octupus Stingray Morey
Stingray Tortuga Stingray Stingray
Stingray Stingray Stingray Morey
Stingray Red Snapper

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Hello fishermen, this June is being wonderful for trolling, what a shame this is the CIVID-19, because they would have a great time coming to fish with us, let's hope this ends and we'll see each other soon. Next time more and better. Adrian...

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Nico, Germany - "Hallo, ich war im Juli 2017 auf der White Marlin. Meine Tochter hat einen Thun Fisch und ich einen White Marlin gefangen. Nette Besatzung auf dem Boot. Komme gerne wieder. Danke..."

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